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"Now behind you put your feet together, then place the rod behind you, lay it across the backs of your ankles and grab it." This forced my upper torso and genitals into a completely helpless display for my dominatrix.

Each morning, after breakfast, I would be prepared to ride either my aunt, or Anita, out around the property." "I want to fuck you, aunty," I said, as fervently as I could.

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CHAPTER 1: After an appetising lunch, Aunty Pat and Anita Armitage left to get kitted out in different outfits, which I was soon to find was part of their penchant for always looking ravishing for their sex slave.

This continued for 10 strokes, then Anita was replaced by my aunt.

She repeated the 10-stroke, 10 pussy lick, punishment-pleasure game and after the final stroke, I heard a voice from the couch: "May we 'ave a go with 'eem, meestress?

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