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His other hobbies include ice hockey, racing, and has shown an interest in the arts of painting and guitar, as shown in the episode "The Negotiator".

Despite his acute fear of heights, he is highly skilled at mountain / rock climbing, hang gliding, and parachuting - static line and ripcord / HALO.Five years prior to the start of the series Mac Gyver was occupied as a "Hell Fighter," fighting oil well fires in Sumatra.Eventually he moves to Los Angeles where he has a number of scatter jobs, including working as a taxi driver for Jack, until 1979, when he accidentally meets Peter Thornton, an agent at the Department of External Services (DXS).His first name is finally canonically revealed in "Good Knight, Mac Gyver", in which he learns of a 7th-century man named Angus M'Iver ("son of Ingmarr") and admits that they share their first name.This revelation is repeated in the series finale, which introduces Mac Gyver's son as having the middle name Angus, as well as on the packaging of the Mac Gyver DVD season sets.However, overcoming challenges and successfully saving lives has given him redemption on several occasions.He also appears to be susceptible to remote temporal retrograde amnesia, which he has experienced more than once after physical head trauma.His (iconic) haircut is a "mullet", in a clean-cut, lightly gelled variation on the classic hairstyle.While never being in an actual relationship, he is always on good terms with his past acquaintances, of which there are many.For example, he is shown to be a "big brother" that he became a vegetarian some time during the series run (which had been hinted at before).Mac Gyver's persistence and the improvisational nature of his plans make him difficult to thwart, as his nemesis Murdoc pointed out, because not even Mac Gyver himself knows what he is going to do next.

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