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It is up to the individual student to decide if (s)he has the prerequisite skills for the course. For these courses, the teacher makes sure in the first lesson that the participants have sufficient knowledge and skills to complete the course requirements.Many courses include written assignments and online study tasks which require use of IT.Some courses take place entirely in the online learning environment Tabula, and have no contact teaching.

You will find a link to the form on the same page as the description of the courses or the path studies.

Registration becomes binding 7 days before the course begins.

The email message will tell you how to get the access codes (user name and password) that you will need in order to use TAMK's computer network, and how to find the timetable for your studies.

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Completion of individual courses is also beneficial, because if you are admitted to a degree-awarding study programme at a later date, the credit you have earned from your open studies will count towards your degree.

Working on Open UAS studies can also help in preparing for the entrance examination for a TAMK degree programme.

If you do not cancel your registration in time, the whole course fee will be charged even if you do not participate in the course.

If you complete 60 credits of Open UAS studies, you become eligible for TAMK's bachelor degree programmes.

If your plans change, and you cannot participate in studies that you have registered for, you must contact the Open UAS office either by telephone or email to cancel your registration before the registration becomes binding (7 days before the beginning of the course).

It is never enough simply to inform a teacher that you wish to cancel your registration.

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