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Cheap speed dating in brisbane

Over a series of 6-minute speed dates, you with meet people from right across Brisbane, all with different interests, backgrounds, personalities and life experiences.

Booked for speed dating only to find out the venue was closed.

They were extremely rude to me, didn’t answer my emails and when I asked to go more than twice and pay they told me no as I had been too many times. I was happy and excited then they text me half an hour later saying “ nope sorry”. I registered and paid for the event and due to my name not being on the list they wouldn't let me participate. They didn't care at all and had no interest in trying to find my name or even calling head office. I was actually told not to attend by them after I made a booking.

Extremely unprofessional have no customer care or proper customer service. The staff are rude, unhelpful and didn’t even give me a Manager’s name or phone number to make a complaint. I wish I had of read these comments before I wasted my time turning up! Company offers are terrible customer service experience. I had booked and paid for a Perth event for a friend and I but about 2 weeks prior a work commitment arose so I promptly emailed to advise I couldn't attend and asked if what remedy was available to me (NB terms and conditions are not on the Perth Speed Date website which would have been very useful).

I emailed this 3 times before I got the response 'we only just cancelled that event'.

I replied saying that did answer any of my queries, and that I am now requesting a refund. Emailed again after then reading all of these reviews, told them if I didn't hear from them regarding my refund, I would put in a complaint with ACCC and fair trading.

It’s been three weeks now and I can’t get a refund for my money they have ignored my called and texts asking for money money back I mean what business doesn’t check with the venue the day before to confirm!!

They still have the venue on their website and probably selling tickets to it.

I received an email back, stating I was banned for my "many threatening and aggressive emails" and they "no longer want me at their events".

I had also contacted the venues they apparently use.

Don’t bother; to wrist customer service and totally ruined my night out. My friend came across their Melbourne event page and decided that it would be fun to give speed dating another go, we haven't been for a few years.

She booked two tickets for us and registered my details for the event.

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