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Dating a deputy sheriff

Griffith later recalled that Don Knotts' contribution was the show's saving grace because he was uncomfortable with the original concept to have Andy Taylor being the comic lead.

This gullibility is evident in many episodes, including "Barney's First Car", where he is conned into buying a lemon from a crafty old widow.

Andy mentions in the episode "Andy on Trial" that Barney likes to smoke a cigar when he's feeling "sporty".

Outwardly "a man of the world," Barney is truly naïve and easily duped.

Though constantly warned by Andy, Barney falls for countless scams.

An emotional powderkeg, Barney often overreacts with panic, despair or bug-eyed fear.

Barney is smug and self-confident, and is known for engaging in gossip and revealing both personal and police secrets, often with dire consequences.

Barney is often overly analytical and alarmist about benign situations, such as the modest Mayberry crime scene.

He takes a minor infraction, blows it out of proportion, and then concocts an elaborate solution (sometimes involving inept civilians, like Otis Campbell or Gomer Pyle) to resolve it.

Another gag has Barney locking himself or together with Andy in one of the jail cells, with the keys just out of reach.

Realizing that they can't get out, they shamelessly yell for help.

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