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However, research has now proved it that fat men make the best husbands compared to other men.Here are top benefits of dating a fat man; Every woman can hang herself for a man with a six pack and big biceps, but being cuddled by a plump guy will make you feel more adored and loved.Definition is nice, but my husband is a little soft around the middle and I like that just fine.

Ladies, there is a lot of stereotyping when choosing the kind of man to settle down with.

There is the muscle man whom everyone assumes is the best when it comes to bedroom issues.

They are better defenders Chubby men command authority everywhere they go. The moment you are spotted by the big man the respect is automatic.

“Again, the stigma of fat.” He knows this because he was once one of those men.

They always have time for their partners Chubby men will always have time for you, unlike the muscle man who never has time for you.

The muscle man is always in the gym working out wanting to gain some six-pack.“When I’m out with a huge guy and we’re holding hands, people don’t care that much. “Sometimes they even say, ‘You guys are such cute couple.’ I think it’s because deep down people want to believe that there really is someone for everyone.Apr 8: Nice pictures of hot ex boyfriends Apr 8: Cute inexperienced boys tease each other with grea...I think that means that those who are rock hard should be with their fellow rock hard counterparts. You know, stick to your own kind or something," says Jennie, 33. And, in contrast, who can forget the huge difference of Bale's physique (and hair) in ? While trying to compare the two bodies may seem like an impossible task, it does make one wonder: just how attractive are muscles compared to, well, an average body? Who can forget the Christian Bale's rippling muscles, the abs so tight and washboard, that you could literally clean your clothes on them if you wanted to in the Batman series?But I also was attracted to Christian Bales' characters in both those movies, so I’m not sure what that really says.He was totally sexy in Maybe it's because I know he's capable of muscles? No thanks to the excessive stuff."I once went out with a guy who loved to worked out, like, obsessively. But I never wanted to hop in bed with one or put my dick up his ass, so I figured I wasn’t gay.For Oliverio, accepting that he was attracted to chubby guys took time.

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    Noun, plural musclemen. 1. Informal. a man with a muscular or brawny physique, especially a bodybuilder. 2. Slang. a bodyguard, especially one hired to intimidate others, often by strong-arm methods. Origin of muscleman. Expand. 1925-1930. An Americanism dating back to 1925-30; muscle + man1.…

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    Muscle man. Amanda Chatel. Blogger. May 14, 2014. Do women dream of rock-hard abs? Or muscles in moderation? The ladies get real about your bod. Who can forget the Christian Bale's rippling muscles, the abs so tight and washboard, that you could literally clean your clothes on them if you wanted to in the Batman.…

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    Define muscleman. muscleman synonyms, muscleman pronunciation, muscleman translation, English dictionary definition of muscleman. also muscle man n. Informal 1. A man who is physically powerful, especially one with well-developed muscles. 2. A strong man hired as a bodyguard or thug.…