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Instead of firing the officer, the board of selectmen undercut the chief’s authority and voted to suspend him for five days, despite Officer Santon’s history of discipline and a statewide recommendation that officers caught lying should be terminated.

Last week, after months of fighting to keep it secret, the town released, under orders from State Supervisor of Public Records Rebecca Murray, an unredacted investigation into Officer Santon’s behavior in 2015.

In that case, the officer shared a fabricated story about a department supervisor allegedly involved in a domestic dispute that he told others was witnessed by West Tisbury Chief Daniel Rossi and Officer Daniel Gouldrup.

Both denied seeing any altercation, according to the investigative report written by Chief Hanavan.

He also allegedly once asked her, via text message, whether she wanted to view his genitalia to improve her mood, and during another phone call asked if one of her friends would show him her breasts, the sources said. Keah Tingler, a longtime Senate security receptionist, told the law firm that Ferrante had on multiple occasions sent her photos of feces after visiting the bathroom during work hours, the sources said.

When he returned to the office, he would sometimes throw a wet paper towel at her, the sources said.

“I’m relatively new to the police activities, but I’m aware of the department’s long and tortured history,” she said.

It could be a matter of chemistry, or the culture of the department, that needs to be addressed, Ms. In 2010, before Chief Hanavan ultimately got the permanent job, the town opened talks about a merger with Oak Bluffs police. Israel even for a short period of time knows he’d like to see towns cooperate on all kinds of levels, and public safety departments, with their costly budgets, are no exception.It’s difficult even cooperating across town lines on something as innocuous as library hours, Mr. Temple announced the appointment of Cawley, a Temple graduate who also serves on Temple’s board of trustees, as its new vice president of institutional advancement Monday.The report, which was based on interviews and a survey of department employees, was critical of the administration’s handling of communication, discipline, and employee retention.There is a “persistent perception that the administration has used the disciplinary system to force employees out of the department,” the report states.“I have little question that Dan can grow into that role, and most members of the department respect him and want him to have the position,” he said at the time. Wasserman called on the board of selectmen not to meddle in the day-to-day operations of the police department. Israel said that initial report provided the department with a successful way to move away from some of the controversy that plagued it.“It’s important that you understand, which I think you now do, that you make policy, you don’t involve yourselves in operational matters in the department unless it involves policy,” Mr. “We followed that blueprint almost to a T, and that really helped change the dynamic that was going on back then,” he said. Loberg said she’s not as familiar with the history, but she’s hopeful the department can advance under new leadership.He also asked her whether she would like to touch his testicles as he would prepare his appearance for the Senate’s session, the sources said.Tingler also alleged he would sometimes ask her to roll on the floor. during a closed disciplinary session, after the 25-year veteran was found to have repeatedly lied during an internal investigation done by an independent private investigator.That probe came after a woman arrested by Officer Santon attempted suicide in the back of his cruiser while the officer was inside the booking room at the Dukes County jailhouse in Edgartown.

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