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Dating furniture dovetails

Visitors can ask antique and collectible questions, respond to other readers' questions or simply join in the discussion. Love To Know offers its own antique community Q&A site called What's It Worth. Any retro furniture is always popular, so you might find a lot of takers and you can price these items a little higher.

An item that's too large can be problematic to sell.

Furniture that is practical, comfortable and usable has a better chance of selling. Size matters when you're selling your used furniture because it determines an item's usefulness.

Look at your furniture from a buyer’s point of view.

An antique that is in bad condition might not do as well.

Some woods, such as mahogany, will fetch higher prices.

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A well-made piece of furniture that is constructed from quality material will stand up to use over an extended period of time.

You can use the past auction results and sale prices to assign a value to your item.

specializes in recent sales of specific items of antique furniture and art.

Although it requires registration, offers a free searchable price guide for antiques.

You can learn estimated values as well as information or history about your collectible.

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