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Dating sites famous people with a disability

It can be especially difficult for people with down syndrome.

It’s scary to put yourself out there, but it’s definitely a risk worth taking.

Eleven more categories were added four weeks ago: arthritis, burn victims, epilepsy, HPV, little people, lupus, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, Parkinson's disease, quadriplegia and transplant patients.

The principle behind the site is that no matter the disorder, everyone with a special condition understands imperfection—and shares a need for love and acceptance.

Autism presents personal challenges for those diagnosed with it.

That might mean you’ll need to sort through some specifics and have discussions about what triggers things and what doesn’t.

Love is not only a great feeling, it’s scientifically proven to improve your overall happiness.

It’s time to get out […] Continue reading Sometimes there is a stigma attached to autism, but there need not be.It’s more […] Continue reading Forty million American adults currently suffer from an anxiety disorder.If you’re part of this group, you know how frustrating anxiety is and how much of a toll it can take on your daily life and relationships.The explosive success of online dating was followed by a proliferation of sites catering to people with HIV and STDs.Those were followed by sites like Irritated Being, for people with irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease, and C Is for Cupid, catering to romance seekers affected by cancer.[…] Continue reading Dating is difficult enough without adding some of the unique challenges of disabled dating. First dates are famous for being awkward, this is intensified when you’re in a wheelchair.Keep reading for 5 great tips to help you navigate the dating world in a wheelchair. While […] Continue reading Entering the dating world can be a nerve-wracking process for anyone.The reality is that your speech shouldn’t get in the way of your happiness.Your speech is just one part of your awesome […] Continue reading In the world of dating with a disability, there are more than a few misconceptions floating around.In fact, you might be dating someone with autism and you don’t even […] Continue reading One of the most common symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome is a lack of social skills. Following the rules of basic conversation isn’t always easy.Those with the syndrome have a hard time understanding what is going on around them, at least in a social sense.

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