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How can members help you in your commitment to creating opportunities for those less fortunate to experience other cultures?

During extensive internships in South Africa, Spain, and Austria, he discovered the challenges of an expat’s life early on.

His first job took him for four years to an international management consultancy, where he was not only working in the Middle East but also coached young entrepreneurs for Germany’s biggest start-up competition.

Since he was little Philipp has been looking for entrepreneurial challenges.

Later on he won prizes in business plan competitions and worked for several startups.

After long nights of heated discussions and a continuous balancing of the pros and cons we pulled ourselves together and so the idea turned into a concept and the concept into an organization.

We “fled” into a castle close to Bonn in order to work out the concept and spent whole four months there in session, because efficient work is best done without distractions.With Inter Nations, I am pursuing my dream of bringing people of all cultures together.I can't wait to meet all Inter Nations members at all of our various local communities.Our members build-up personal connections that provide them with a “first aid kit” in their new environment abroad and exchange information and ideas in the local and world forum, where expat themes and global political issues get similar amounts of attention. Through the Internations wire you can keep people updated with what you are doing.There are many groups through which you can connect with like-minded expatriates.To see even more of the world, I worked as a flight attendant during my studies.After completing my business and film studies, I worked for various TV stations where I was able to combine my creative abilities with my love of travel by producing documentaries and working as a reporter in different countries such as India, Brazil, Spain etc.Finally, Philipp seems to be taking the recruiting phase of Inter Nations very serioulsy: his wife Katharina will give birth to the “youngest global mind” in February this year. I love to travel to learn more about other cultures and to meet people from all around the world.Wherever I have studied or worked, it never took me long before l went to another country, be it a high school year in the US, military service in the Netherlands and Italy or my University Studies in Switzerland, Italy, and Brazil.Our members are well-educated people who are eager to engage in social causes.At Inter Nations they can currently help providing international education to young people in underprivileged countries with our Charity Program simply by inviting new members or by acting as host families.

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