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However, with Date in Dorset, you can make the entire process that little bit easier. Finding someone that you want to spend time with, let alone the rest of your life with, can be tricky.Once you have found someone that you want to take on a date, whether it is through a dating event or an online dating agency like Dating in Dorset, you need to decide where to go.

This activity was the first of its kind carried out by the police, with it’s spontaneity making it effective.

Although sextortion is not a big problem yet in Dorset, it is growing on a national scale, with Dorset police working hard to keep numbers low in the county.

You can chat to women from the comfort of your own home, getting to know them virtually, before meeting them in person.

No need for awkward silences, or even to get dressed.

Dorset is known to have plenty of awesome date venues to choose from.

Not to mention bars that are great to visit if you have someone to impress.

No matter who you are searching for, if it is within the Dorset area, then you may find the perfect person for you. Sometimes a future partner can be met in a local bar or nightclub, or introduced through friends. Dating events mean that you can actually meet other single people face to face.

If this isn't a possibility for you, then you may turn to dating events or online dating agencies. They are organised and bring together both men and women, to talk and get to know one another.

There is a specialised team who will help with your case, and the force say there is no shame in reporting an incident.

Bringing mature singles together for over a decade, it's never been easier to meet other mature singles in Dorset.

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