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What I was hoping to find was helpful info about previous winners.

Kansas City seems to be the only one with real info available, very limited info on the year before that and only the names of winning libraries prior to that.

The body cam video also wasn’t seen by the public until after the case wrapped.

I understand from the award manual that a person with a disability does not have to be the book's protagonist, but can be a secondary character.

( When I first read the manual, I was researching the award of my choice for a course in school library management.

I felt uneasy that this award could be given to a book in which a person with a disability was not the main character, but at the time I could not articulate the reason for my concern.

Recently, I read an essay about "common tropes" in children's fiction about characters with autism.

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Free arizona mom cams

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After meeting two people in the hotel, he showed off his pellet gun.

After Brailsford ordered Shaver out of his room, he demanded Shaver to crawl towards him.

And if I didn't start my search in your A-Z listing and instead just searched via terms in the ALA search box, only a page about the year ago (deadline to apply Dec 2013) award shows up.

Only by getting to the A-Z search awards page could I pull up the true main page for this award.

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