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Baptie also questioned why someone would continue in the service if they are doing well. “It’s funny how women find acceptability in their body or freedom within their body when it’s done to men’s standards.“If you have so many options, why are you capitulating men’s entitlement to women’s bodies? So all you’re doing is catering to men’s idea of what women’s bodies should look like.

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The group has been dropped by its management team, blacklisted by scores of radio stations and abandoned by musicians booked as tour openers.“We have to realize too, that the women that say they chose it are by in large the minority, so if you know you’re the minority, why are you abandoning the most marginalized and the most vulnerable in the name of your choice? “I want to challenge why we think men should be able to pay for sex.I want to know how men paying for sex creates an egalitarian society.What it looks like when we say ‘freedom,’ there’s no analysis of women’s freedom outside of patriarchy.” Those who choose prostitution are in the minority, she said.The main drivers of prostitution are coercion because of the lack of basic needs.Wearing black high heels, rose patterned tights and a black jacket, Michelle says she is confident with her body.Michelle—who requested to remain anonymous—has been working as a prostitute for the last three years in Kelowna.Michelle loves her job and recommends it, “but it’s not for everyone,” she said, noting her co-workers are generally clean at the agency where she works and are working to get themselves through school.However those that have worked in the industry and now advocate for women, say Michelle’s story is rare and more women are harmed than find success selling their bodies.The 26-year-old was addicted to methamphetamine at 17 and had an abusive boyfriend.She decided to move to Kelowna on a whim, after breaking up with him.

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