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It has been ten years since Andy Cohen and Bravo graced the world with the Real Housewives of Orange County, and since then there have been almost 90 women bringing conspicuous consumerism, wine-throwing, and blaring narcissism to the different programs in the franchise. Of all those women, Bethenny Frankel is the most successful. I’ve wanted to cut my hair for about 20 years, but I did it months ago.She started off on The Real Housewives of New York as a single woman with barely enough money to get by. I think what’s going on is I have a home so I’m more settled with my belongings and I know where everything is so I can focus and put myself together.It’s so dynamic, and shocking, unbelievable things occur. A lot of the fans say, “Oh, this is scripted,” or, “The producers made this happen.” Is everything we’re seeing really as it plays out? You know you can’t control what people say, but they will try to play characters themselves. Should we expect more of that in the upcoming season? Why are you going into the witness-protection program? There are many Housewives whose job is to be a Housewife. If I go to Starbucks and I have a coffee I’m going to put Skinnygirl sweetener in it.

She left the show for her own spinoff, a talk show, and to focus on her personal life, after a short marriage to Jason Hoppy (whom we saw her marry onscreen) ended in a messy divorce. I don’t, and I always hear other people talking about it on Twitter and I never — I only watch it one time.A judge recently ruled that you don’t have to pay spousal support to your ex anymore. You know, there’s a lot more to that puzzle than people will realize. Do you have party plans when this is done, or what? You don’t want to decorate the nursery until the baby comes, but I’m excited, just as excited as someone is excited to paint the nursery pink. Great, especially now that Sheree [Whitfield] is back, because I’ll go gangster. They don’t pretend and they don’t hold back their words. In the beginning you establish, Hi we’re all back here we are. But it can hurt, too, because if you rip somebody and say something negative it could hurt. Divorces on two-year marriages don’t normally take almost four years to get divorced. I don’t know many parties that would rival my divorce party, I’ll tell you that. My bar is in the Hamptons, it’s in a farmhouse, it’s very chill. And I love that because in that environment, I’d be a different animal. I live in a big pretty house which doesn't mean anything if your not happy. Just need someone to talk to maby a little flirting. Decide who you are, what you want, what you can accept and what you can't. One thing be aware of how addictive the site is, hmmm as if that is a bad thing (NOT), lol...29 is to young to be unhappy. Over a period of time you can change his ways if you change yours. Is there an end in sight for the divorce to be finalized? You’ve met a lot of other Housewives over the years. What qualities do you think make for being a good Real Housewife? Who have been some of the best Housewives over the years? I’ve been focused a lot on just my daughter and work. Some days you walk out of the door and everything’s fine, and sometimes you come home and you know that was a rough day. So when the show is filming, it’s like I have another job. There are so many products and so many lines it’s hard to know. So if they want to film me, they have to film my product. I do date and I have been in short little relationships, but there’s nothing substantial. How do you think you would fare if you were in the Atlanta cast? Once the show stops, then I can catch up on everything else I need to catch up on. The brand is so successful it’s hard to know exactly if it’s helping. I’m not like Coca-Cola where I’m doing mass research on exactly how many coffee pods or pieces of candy or microwave popcorn I sold the day after the show airs.

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