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They relive some memories, and get to know each other better as all corners of Bachelor Nation meet!

"Dean is joined this week by his friend from Bachelor Winter Games, Courtney Dober, from Bachelorette Australia.  The two get a dose of dating advice from matchmaker Carmelia Ray, from the Myx TV show “Mom vs Matchmaker”.  Then, for a different perspective at finding love, they hear from Julie, who is 74 years old and very much on the dating scene.  Dean is delighted to read some listener emails, including some ideas for a new show name, how to date someone who doesn’t drink, and he and Courtney give some tips on how to audition for The Bachelor.

Nick lends his opinion on getting back together with an ex, and he shares his concept of “Sour Patch Kid” relationships.  "As Bachelor Winter Games is in full force, Dean brings his new friends from Vermont to the podcast!

He’s joined by Courtney Dober, Kevin Wendt, and Lesley Murphy.

"Dean takes calls and answers emails on how he would handle certain real life situations...including one from a stripper. Or could these responses reveal why he sucks at dating? "What better way for Dean to stop sucking at dating than to talk to people that have been through it and come out alive.   In this episode Dean gets advice from all different varieties of couples that made dating work: The newly married, the 2nd time marriages, the long-time married.  They have advice, but can it help Dean or is he destined to suck at dating for life?

" about it makes him uncomfortable, just imagine what happens when he attempts to do it! Dean opens up as we do a deep dive into his psyche. "Dean spends the show breaking down exactly why people SUCK at dating and what that means. how do you navigate having a crush on a guy ...  who has a girlfriend ?!!"Dean is out this week, but his buddy Nick Viall is happy to step in as guest host!He starts off the show by sharing what he thinks makes a good first date, and the phenomenon that is Black Panther.  Then, he takes a trip to the world of meditation, when experts Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz call in to offer advice on treating anxiety.  But don’t worry, your emails are in good hands!Then, Kendall and Jared offer some listeners their advice on what to do when you’re caught up in a love triangle with friends, and how to handle an aggressive coworker.They wrap up with a rapid fire Q & A, and we find out where they stand on ghosting, blind dates, and how long to wait before having sex. After getting an update on what’s new in his world, and his experience on Celebrity Big Brother, James offers up his most valuable dating advice.  Then, he helps some listeners out that are dealing with real dating struggles, like how to get past 3 dates, and if men should use emojis.And...a heartfelt conversation on the anniversary of his mom's passing, shows us a side of Dean we've never seen."Dean and his roommate Jackson perform a lock-in in an attempt to get the bottom of their dating woes.  Plus, Dr.Erica has a dilemma – she’s developed a crush on her oral surgeon! Then, they tackle some listener emails, like what to do when a guy you like asks for your friend’s number, and if Dean felt like his family was exploited on The Bachelorette. "Kendall Long from Arie’s season of The Bachelor, and Jared Haibon from Kaitlyn’s season are the guest hosts this week, and ready to find out how to suck less at dating.After admitting their biggest relationship insecurities, they call on the help of Cherie Healey, a “possibilitarian” and Life Coach, to help find ways to open up, and how to find balance between friends and relationships. )|)$/;function bb()function cb()function db()n.event=,n.remove Event=z.remove Event Listener? And he’s joined by his girlfriend Lesley Murphy for a deeper look at the world of dating.

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