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Indian male dating traditions

Sagaai is a grand affair just like the wedding ceremony. Mangni Ceremony is known as wedding engagement or wedding nishwayam in south india Image Courtesy: this is one of the most awaited wedding rituals.

Mehndi ceremony is organized by the women of the house.

Lighting of holy fire is also known as vivaah homa.

On the day of the Shagun, groom’s mother visits the bride’s house with gifts, clothes, betel nut, rice and incense. Acceptance of the shagun by the bride signifies her formal consent to be the daughter in law of the family.

Image Courtesy: dravasp.Mangni or Sagaai refers to the engagement ceremony where the girl and boy exchange rings in the presence of the elders and friends. Sagaai ceremony marks the mutual agreement and consent for marriage by both the families.

Indian wedding traditions can be broadly classified in pre-wedding rituals, the wedding ceremony and the post wedding rituals.

Image :Traditionally the shagun ceremony holds an important place in the pre-wedding rituals.

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