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To implement this without performance degradance we use normal effective Avisynth cache and introduce new mandatory preparation stage (before motion estimation by will get source clip and prepare special "super" clip with multilevel (hierarchical scaled) frames data (in previous MVTools versions 0. X these multilevel datas were prepared, saved and cached internally with idx as an index of pseudo-clip of these "superframes" ). Other essential external change is replacing all named clips parameters by unnamed (mandatory, without double-quotes in description) for normal work of Avisynth implicit "last" clip.

MVTools version 2 is a major internal and external upgrade. X branch are clarity and stability (in particular for multithreaded environment with multicore CPU) and of course performance and memory usage improving.

Main mean for goals achievement is removing MVTools internal buffer with mysterious (for many people) index (idx) and some other internal tricks (see thread MVTools without idx).

Plugin can create compensated neighbor frames for every current frame, and denoise it by internal function.

Alternatively, you can use compensated and original frames to create interleaved clip, denoise it by any external temporal filter, and select central cleaned original frames for output (see examples).

At analysis stage plugin divides frames by small blocks and try to find for every block in current frame the most similar (matching) block in second frame (previous or next).

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The relative shift of these blocks is motion vector.

There are many discussions about motion compensation using at doom9 Avisynth forum.

In particular see old MVTools thread, true motion thread, new MVTools thread and some other. Use color format conversion and try use (smart) bob-deinterlace for interlaced video (Separate Fields may works too with or without Select Even/Select Odd).

Raising it will lower the number of blocks detected as changed. The threshold is compared to the SAD (Sum of Absolute Differences, a value which says how bad the motion estimation was ) value. But real blocks are always different because of objects complex movement (zoom, rotation, deformation), discrete pixels sampling, and noise.

Suppose we have two compared 8x8 blocks with every pixel different by 5. Really this parameter is scaled internally in MVTools, and you must always use reduced to block size 8x8 value. (int): threshold which sets how many blocks have to change for the frame to be considered as a scene change.

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