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Beatrice lives nearby but, as the daughter of a single mother (her father died of suspected cholera), she is lucky to be released from the domestic duties that fill the days of so many other girls – looking after siblings, herding goats, carrying out home repairs.These two teenagers were born into a nomadic culture, one where women and children are workers, boys are sent to school in preference over girls and beautifully groomed warriors sit around braiding each other’s hair.

With her impressive can-do attitude, Tanya is the sort of person you want on your side in a post-oil world, where we will all have to survive on our wit and bare-handed skills.

She could drive by the age of nine, funded her gap year by painting and selling T-shirts, and always supported herself financially.

Together with Mikey (they’ve been together since their early 20s) she designed and built Sasaab in just three and a half months – wrangling funding from a Dutch investor, putting in nine Moroccan-style fixed tents with private plunge pools and recruiting from the 600 job applicants in the community – all while pregnant with twins.

Their first guest was Brad Lewis, the American producer of Ratatouille, and since then fashion designers Donna Karan and Calvin Klein have flown in for lunch.

One guest bought a moped for the district nurse, to allow him access to those who can’t reach the clinic.

Another put up the money for the 90 pupils to have fortified porridge for a year.‘One of them had been seriously bitten by a crocodile.He couldn’t leave his cattle, which would have been his family’s entire wealth, and the other boy couldn’t leave him, so they were in a complete fix.’ Mikey found him and took him to hospital and he still herds his cattle today. In return for a five-star experience, guests - even of the A-list variety - are encouraged to bring supplies to the drought-stricken tribespeople and teach lessons at the local school, as Unlike their contemporaries at a certain inner London girls’ school, 15-year-old best friends Beatrice and Rosemary don’t need a surprise visit and a hug from Michelle Obama to tell them that being smart is cool.They are only too aware of the doors that education can open for them here in Kenya’s arid inland Samburu region.It’s near here, just a 20 minute drive from the school, that travel entrepreneur Tanya Carr-Hartley has built luxury safari lodge Sasaab in what is effectively the Samburu people’s back yard – a back yard that happens to be home to rare wild animals, including endangered grevy’s zebras and reticulated giraffes, as well as big cats and elephants.Tanya, 38, who was born in Nairobi and schooled in England, is today hammering her Land Cruiser over powder-dry riverbeds and grassless pastures – an area of 450 square kilometres known as the West Gate Community Conservancy.‘Sala was five weeks old on her first safari, the twins seven weeks,’ says Tanya.‘Living here, you have to be able to absorb the fact that there are always surprises around the corner,’ says Tanya.My five-year-old daughter Clara and I have come duly armed with crayons and chalk.Guests are encouraged to spend time teaching one of the five classes, who have only three staff hopscotching between them.

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