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Who knows, maybe this election will be different we'll have a higher voter turnout to decide who will be making the laws that will control our lives, laws that will or won't violate our own natural rights.

Being raised by a stridently independent single mother will do that to you, especially when you've seen her do everything by herself, including go to college, going into debt and pulling herself up by her bootstraps, graduating from law school at the age of 36.

I think the numbers in our last city election where ALL that was on the ballot was some new taxes and a pile of new debt was something like 3% and in the last mayoral and city council elections it was like 6% and both of those numbers are just of the registered voters not the population as a whole.

It really is sad that people here are so apathetic and disinterested in picking just who it is will rule over them.

Bryan still hasn't gotten me his rent and Nick is waiting on his damn paycheck to get me the money HE owes me.

So if all of that comes down like it should things will be just fine. They can be unpredictable, brash, magnetic--and therefore highly charismatic.

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