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Outlook rss feed not updating

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Outlook lets me do just that: By default, Outlook creates a folder for each feed to keep things organized, but I’ve changed that to have everything delivered into my RSS Feeds folder.

NOTE: You can also right-click on the RSS Feeds folder on the left and select Add a New RSS Feed from the popup menu.

Go back to your browser and copy the URL from the address box for the RSS feed page that you opened.

PST file, so I don’t have to re-add them every time I rebuild my machine or reinstall Outlook.

When I upgraded to Outlook 2010 Beta 2, however, the magic stopped. my RSS Feeds folder was still there, the articles I hadn’t yet read were working just fine, but I wouldn’t get any new articles delivered. I’d hit Send / Receive all day, but the RSS Feeds just wouldn’t update.

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