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He expressed his love for me and talked about marriage in the future,” she told the host, Megyn Kelly.

Read more trending news The wedding will take place at Windsor Castle’s historic St. The chapel was also where Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles had their union blessed 12 years ago, according to the Evening Standard. Harry’s brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is expected to welcome his third child with his wife, the former Kate Middleton, in April.

The couple has two other children, 4-year-old George and 2-year-old Charlotte.

Wasn’t a one-time deal.” Related: Actor Scott Baio fires back at allegations that he molested a minor on the set of “Charles in Charge” Egger later appeared on the “TODAY” show and shared her story of Baio’s alleged predatory behavior.

“He immediately took to me and befriended me and earned my trust.

A 1988 episode of "Charles in Charge" in which Scott Baio's character awkwardly teaches sexual education to a class that included Nicole Eggert's character is now being seen in a different light.

Eggert came forward in recent days to accuse Baio of molesting her repeatedly, beginning when she was 14, and having consensual sex with her when she was 17 — allegations that Baio denies.Harry popped the question earlier this month as he and Markle were attempting to roast a chicken at their cottage at Kensington Palace.Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle pose for photographers during a photocall in the grounds of Kensington Palace in London, Monday Nov. Britain's royal palace says Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle are engaged and will marry in the spring of 2018.Eggert was 14 when she first appeared on the series during the show's second season. Baio, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 1989, mentioned the Season 3 episode "The Blackboard Bungle" as a personal highlight.Baio at loss for words about garage encounter with Nicole Eggert "My favorite show is where I was a teacher and I was teaching sexual education," Baio said in an article celebrating the show's 100th episode."Guys are more confusing than girls are," Jamie says."They get mad if you say no, but they don't want to be seen with the girls who say yes." Charles later says, "Let's find out why all these girls are saying no," leading the students to suggest that better communication would fix a lot of issues.And that is when the sexual touching and abuse started.” A few days later, Baio appeared on “Good Morning America,” and acknowledged that the pair did have sex, but that it was consensual.He also says it was after the show stopped shooting, and Eggert was of age.Many have reached out to Nicole and me to say that they witnessed inappropriate behavior from Scott Baio when Nicole was underage.” “Nicole spent two hours today with special units of the LAPD giving her statement and filing the police report,” her rep David Weintraub confirmed to Page Six in a statement.“She plans on cooperating with the police department as they investigate all of her allegations against Scott Baio.” The actress first came forward with the accusations against her “Charles in Charge” co-star on Jan. “Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor.

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